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Therapy can be a personal opportunity to receive support and experience growth during challenging times in life. It can be a time to truly get to know and understand yourself. I believe good therapy should ignite a sense of curiosity in one's self, which can lead to more awareness and understanding of who you are.


I have a masters degree in counseling psychology and I utilize an integrative and holistic healing approach rooted in compassion that allows the physical, mental, cultural, emotional, and spiritual parts of self to be explored and reconnected. I see clients mostly online and some in person in Santa Cruz, CA. My practice includes mostly women, many BIPOC, many students/young people and many who identify as LGBTQ+. I am a firm believer that we all possess the strength and ability to navigate through the journey of life, but some journeys are better taken with the guidance of someone else. I am merely a guide, leading you to powers you already have.

Very few of us are given the tools and information that contribute to a satisfying, peaceful life. Therapy can help one deal with many personal topics in life such as, but not limited to:

Women dancing by a fire under a starry sky.
  • Trauma, ancestral/intergenerational trauma

  • Grief, loss & injustice

  • Women's empowerment & feminist issues

  • Menstrual health, PMS, & PMDD

  • Reconnecting to & caring for the body

  • Nutritional support, intuitive/mindful eating

  • Coping & thriving while being highly sensitive 

  • Anxiety & stress

  • Depression & mood

  • Sexuality and relationships

  • Healing from manipulation and/or narcissistic abuse

  • Loss of meaning or direction in life

  • Chronic pain & illness​​

  • Healthy communication & boundaries

  • Adjustment & life transitions

  • Reconnecting with the spiritual self

  • Increased insight, self acceptance, gratitude & self-love/compassion

*Over the last five years I have been exploring both personally and professionally the therapeutic use of psychedelic/plant medicine assisted therapies. I offer support for the preparation and the integration of psychedelic journeys. Please get in touch if you'd like guidance before or after a psychedelic experience.

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